THE RICHFOREST HOTELS-KENTING is not simply a club house
but also a spiritual space implicitly contains amorous feeling of ocean that people would yearn for.  
Mind to wander about in a relaxed and pleasant space liberally and unrestrainedly.
Listening to the sea, to the wind and to nature, to enjoy the sight, people and sentiments,
and making people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home and to re-visit again and again.


  • Superior Twin Room

    Superior Twin Room

    - - -

    A calling from remote Mediterranean Sea allows tourists' mind to easily flee to faraway lands and to weave each single dream and paradise of joy and laughter, having thought precipitated along with space with tranquil leisure to save the first cause of another start!

  • Superior Double Room

    Superior Double Room

    - - -

    A place full of sweet atmosphere in love that heats up the sentiments of travelers with sweet particles to spread to every corner of the room, this is a lodging space with romantic magic to no matter the single traveler or guest with company!